Via della Pila, 19/21 - 30175 MARGHERA - VENEZIA (VE)
              Tel.: 041 2525511 - Fax 041 2525520 -


Radonicich shipping agency has immediately specialized on yacht services, gave as ship's agent. Guaranteed and proven professionalism, efficiency and discretion on services, made directly by our management of Radonicich shipping agency, that personally take care of all operative details and relationship with Masters and Owners of yacht. Radonicich shipping agency assists the yacht directly 24 hour a day for 365 days a year, and his services start from assistance to Masters and Owners to satisfy guests' requests on board.

Here is a short list of the principal services offered by Radonicich shipping agency:
- Yacht Clearance (formalities of arrival and departure with local authority like Harbour Master, Customs and Police )
- Port entry with pilot on board
- Berth with personal supervison
- Garbage collection
- Bunker with personal supervision
- Provisions supplier
- Bank services
- Spare parts
- Postal services (expedition and reception)
- Security  
- Medical assistance
- Water taxi rent
- Entertainment on board
- Floreal services
- Catering  
- Excursions with guide


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