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If you need a quayside which is more about functionality than aesthetics, San Basilio is the ideal berth. Located in the western side of the city, this berth offers something which is very difficult to find in Venice : accessibility!

Road access greatly facilitates the delivery of provisions ensuring you always get what you want when you want. Additionally, parking can be organised nearby. The berth's location inside the passenger port means that security is a high priority - both entrances and exits are policed 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This combination of high accessibility and peace of mind means San Basilio is great if you want to pick up or drop off guests for a quick getaway.

Perhaps San Basilio's most important function is as a refuelling berth. A Port Authority environmental directive means that refuelling is not permitted in the more touristic berths.

 Berth  Location  Type
San Basilio 24 N45'25.892 E12'18.625 Alongside
 Total Length  Max Draft  Water
Over 120m 9.6m Yes
Refuelling / Provisioning

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