Via della Pila, 19/21 - 30175 MARGHERA - VENEZIA (VE)
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Since 1861, year of foundation, the agency G. Radonicich & C. had a decisive role in maritime and cruise. Our brand, mainly known for the quality of our services and our seriousness, is always a guarantee of reliability.

The company has always adapted and professionally developed its activities in the maritime sector by integrating them with the most sophisticated and technology necessary to offer to ship owners and business operators a service tailored to support their needs.

Company streamlined and multifaceted in its evolution, our company has always sought new routes and promote products on the market and has always been historically dealt with international maritime relations in general.

Experience 360-degree acting as brokers and shipping agents is a heritage we are proud to put at the disposal of all Marittime Companies we represent.

We privileged relations with all the operational realities of the maritime sector with the possibility of managing cargo for loading and unloading, storage and warehousing, distribution by truck or wagon.

We have a network of agencies controlled in most Italian ports, Slovenian, Croatian and Spanish in particular and throughout Europe and in some ports in the world at large.

Our strength is a team made up of experienced and highly qualified work constantly in close contact with a common goal: to create and offer products on the market success based on highly innovative ideas and highly competitive conditions, but which are always and above all of satisfactory quality for our customers.

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