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This is perhaps one of the most romantic locations in Venice! These berths are situated directly in front of St. Mark's square at the head of Venice's largest canal - the Giudecca canal. The view will quite simply take your breath away and the berths offer unparalleled privacy - a haven of calm within the bustling historic centre.

Each berth consists of 4 mooring posts to which each corner of your vessel is tied. Shore access is therefore only by tender or water-taxi.

For vessels larger than 25m mooring assistance on arrival is obligatory - this is simply because when the other berths are occupied, space is very limited and manoeuvring can become quite tricky. Another important point to make if you are planning on staying in Salute is to double check your draft. 5m is the low-water depth of the shallowest berth in Salute - the depths do vary between berths.

 Berth  Location  Type
Salute N45'25.808 E12'20.225 Mooring Posts
 Total Length  Max Draft  Water
Over 400m 5.5m Yes (By Barge)
Unparalled privacy - Stunning Views

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